Do any of your menu items contain meat, fish, dairy, eggs or honey? No. Zonk Burger is completely vegan (or plant-based).

What kind of burger patties do you use? Both burger patties currently on the menu are made in house from original recipes using different combinations of beans, grains, vegetables, seasoning and, in the Zonk Burger, nuts. We do not serve highly-processed meat substitutes such as Impossible Burger, Beyond Meat or Gardein (we appreciate these too; we just want to offer something you can't get elsewhere). 

Are items on your menu okay for people sensitive to gluten? Both of our burger patties are gluten-free and can be completely gluten-free with an appropriate bun substitution. That said, there is a lot of gluten in our kitchen (buns, breading), and there's a chance anything you consume could come in contact with gluten. Also, we only have one fryer, and our fries are cooked in the same oil as our breaded tofu sandwich, which contains gluten. Both salads can be gluten free; the House Salad is already, and the Caesar is without croutons.

Do any menu items use nuts? There are cashews in the Zonk Burger patty.

Do any items contain soy? Only the Southern Fried Tofu, Tofu Nuggets and Seitan Wings (silken tofu). Our gluten-free bun option (Schär) also contains soy.

What about other allergies? Please make any other allergies known to the cashier, who can answer your specific questions or confirm with the kitchen. We are sympathetic to people who suffer from allergies, but we still use conventional (organic or higher-quality when we can, but conventional never-the-less) ingredients and cooking methods. We also have space limitations due to our tiny kitchen. We will, however, try to make any reasonable accommodation, just make sure you are clear about your concerns when ordering.

Can I get your food delivered? Catering requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis (contact us here). We do not offer meal delivery at this time. We will explore this option in the future.